Calgon, Take Me Away

I was just looking through tadpole orders, and I saw one from someone in Savannah, GA. My mind wandered dreamily back to fun, relaxing girls' trips filled with leisurely walks, good food cooked by someone other than myself, and no screaming. All I could do was sigh wistfully as my ears tried to ignore the screams coming from the other side of my house. Why must night time be so crazy? Is it bad that I just want to put in my ipod ear buds, close the door, and lose myself in a good book? I can't seem to muster up any sympathy for the zillionth boo-boo of the day or drag myself away from tadpole emails and the relative solitude of my bedroom to see if one lone daddy needs some assistance, even though I know he'll read this tomorrow and know what I was up to. (Love you! :) )

Well, two of the loud ones have found their way in here (with sweet smiles and kisses instead of screaming) and I have one thick head of wet hair to dry so one second-grader can get in bed. Then maybe I'll check out that book...

(Just so you know, I wouldn't really trade all this craziness for anything. But a weekend away would still be fun.)


  1. Let's go! Even just a girls' day trip would be great, maybe even just a loooong lunch out with no kids one day! We should do that soon-want me to plan it????? :-)

  2. I thought you might have something to say. :) I'm all for it. I tried to get you to come with me Saturday, but you have some kind of family fun! Let me know the plan!

  3. I better do some family fun before my hubby is laid up after knee surgery next week! Hmmm, you do have a b'day coming up soon! I will figure something out. It won't be the same as Savannah or Charleston, but we can have fun anyway!


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