Why 33 is a Great Age

I've decided to take a new approach to birthdays. I doubt you'll find it groundbreaking or anything, but here it is. I think I'll be happy about them. Some would say 33 is young, some think it sounds old. It's all in your perspective (meaning how old you are yourself). It's funny how our outlook on birthdays change. When we're 8, we think we'll NEVER be 16 and able to drive a car. When we're 16, we think we'll NEVER be done with school or actually getting married to Mr. Right. When we're 21, we think life should be beginning pretty soon. When we're 25, we're pretty content. Then comes the approach of the big 3-0, and suddenly things look very different.

In my experience, after 25 we begin to realize that "life" isn't out there in the future anymore. We're not waiting to grow up or graduate or get married. We've done all that, and maybe even had a kid or two, and life is now. It's quickly slipping by while you're looking down the road expectantly. Then you realize, many of the milestones of life have actually already passed you by. You've been alive for three decades and seen the world and the people around you change a lot, and it dawns on you that life flies by. At this point, you can start to freak out or at least be bummed with every passing birthday, or you can start to celebrate the blessings of your past and look forward to those in your future.

So, from now on, I won't complain about how old I'm getting (or I'll try not to) or worry about how quickly 40 is approaching or the new wrinkles I'm starting to see. I'll just see birthdays as a chance to thank God for many years of life and blessings and celebrate the fact that I'm one year closer to heaven.

Having been 33 years old for almost 24 hours now, I've already noticed some things about this great age:

1) The best way you could start your 34th year of life is to be awakened by a 5-year-old little boy standing by your bed singing Happy Birthday.

2) It's awesome to be on Facebook, because you feel very loved and thought of when 68ish people wish you Happy Birthday. (What is it about someone seeing your name in the birthday list on the sidebar and taking five seconds to type Happy Birthday that puts a smile on your face? Or is it just me?)

3) Smoothie Joe's has really great chicken salad. (I already knew that, but it was reconfirmed to me today.)

4) Hearing a 2-year-old sing Happy Birthday is just so darn cute.

5) You can't beat a quiet afternoon reading a "just for fun" book and then drifting off into a nice nap.

6) There could probably be worse ways to spend your birthday evening than two hours of soccer practice.

7) There are still dirty dishes, meals to fix, and laundry on your birthday.

8) It's hard to beat a birthday lunch with your mom followed by a sweet phone call from your daddy.

9) I like our (the kids') new subtly animal-themed bathroom, complete with animal paintings from Africa itself, that I decorated with my birthday money. (When it's completely done, I'll post pictures.)

10) God is on His throne and has loved me completely and unconditionally since before the beginning of time...not just for 33 measly years.

I wish you all a happy birthday, whenever that day rolls around. (Does that count as remembering your birthday? Because, frankly, I stink at that.)


  1. Happy Birthday Amy! You are so right about living life right now. This is it! So we need to embrace and enjoy!

  2. Happy late birthday! I love this post - I need to take time each day to remember the blessings. (I didn't know Smoothie Joe's had good chicken salad - I'll have to check that out!)

  3. Loved this post!!!! Glad you had a great day!!! and your right, a two year old singing happy birthday to his mommy is the best thing EVER!!!!! :)


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