It's a Vegetable Miracle!

I know people the world over are hoping and praying for some sort of update on my New Years' Food Makeover, so consider your prayers answered. (Okay, does someone actually remember that I said we're going to try out eating a little differently around here? I didn't think so.)

One quick observation: In exploring other blogs, especially ones concerning this whole food thing, I have found that my blog stinks. I am an amateur in the most unflattering sense of the word. There are so many blogs out there that actually have a purpose and a design! What am I thinking?

Okay, moving on. I am actually almost enjoying the food thing just a tiny bit. The hardest thing is breakfast. We are a processed cereal-eatin' crew around here. So far, I've made pumpkin bread and some banana oat muffins, both using at least some whole wheat flour and applesauce. Tomorrow we're branching out with baked pears with ginger crumble. Any of you who happen to read this before Sunday morning and find yourself unable to sleep tonight, feel free to offer up prayers on behalf of our family. This could turn into a Sunday morning disaster. You know the kind. Your family pretty much behaves like a bunch of mad, raving monsters until you all walk into church with your fake smiles on while your hearts a smoldering pile of anger. No? Okay, maybe that's just us.

Really, though, I do have a miracle to share with all (4) of you. Tonight, I fixed broiled tilapia, sweet potato fries, and a smattering of other leftover veggies. That's all fine and good as five out of six of us love fish. However, I decided to push the envelope a little and fix Jack and Maddie a bowl of salad. (Luke's already a salad eater.) I prepared them for what awaited them and then happily encouraged them to just try it. (By the way, that rarely works.) Guess what? You guessed it! They liked it! And then Jack asked for tomatoes on his and he liked those too!

The real miracle is that I didn't pass out at the table. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise to me after Jack's announcement at the table over breakfast this morning. "Would you like to hear my New Year's goal? I want to eat less sugar and drink less sugary drinks and eat more fruits and vegetables instead and just drink healthy stuff." There you go. Would this qualify as the Lord going before me and preparing the way?

So, at the end of this fun and laid back Saturday, I feel quite successful, by God's grace. I've even exercised three days in a row. Now if I can just keep that up for the rest of my life, I'll be set. If I croak next week, I might be good. If I live to be 97, my chances are slim to none.

I'd also like to mention that Jack's basketball team has vastly improved over the three games they've played. I think they now understand that you're supposed to bounce the ball while you walk or run (though they get over-excited when they go for the goal and just travel all over the place). They even took a few shots today that actually hit the goal and/or the backboard. I think the final score was around 12-1. If you knew the score from the last game, you'd be very impressed. Let's just say, you can triple the other team's score and have a good idea of how it went.

Maddie's team is striking fear into church basketball leagues for miles around. They have some aggressive girls. Our own sweet Maddie even got the ball once and went to the floor to protect it. She also took a shot but got bit by the traveling bug. I don't know if you're supposed to be proud of making the other team cry in church ball, though. But you know the old saying: All's fair in love and little girls' church basketball.

Just for the record, we'll be eating good ole unhealthy, delicious pizza Monday night as we watch Bama pull out #14. Roll Tide!


  1. don't take lightly church's very serious stuff!! just ask emily! i got kicked out of a gym once...but that was because I wouldn't stop yelling and waving my crutches at the ref! yep, i wasn't even playing!

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  3. Hey! My friend Melissa Little is into eating the whole foods. If you ever want to talk to someone about it and get good tips, and meals/snacks I can give you her email address or you can catch her at church. She helps Rhondi and does her own Living Fit classes...and even cooked for all the women on a Living Fit retreat last year. She is a wealth of info!


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