Lordy, Lordy, Chris Ain't 40...Yet

Happy Birthday, Chris! That's right. My wonderful husband is having another birthday. We're to the point where we can't remember how old we are, so we have to do the math. But then sometimes we can't remember what year it is, so we just have to estimate. He's lots older than you think he is, because he's so fun-loving and handsome that you'd think he's around 25...right? Surely you would, because he couldn't be much older than that and be married to someone who's only 24.

At this ripe old age, we also celebrate by doing all the things we normally do, because who has time or energy or money for anything else? The highlight of birthdays around here is that you don't have to give baths, except to yourself. You know your life has reached new levels of excitement when the best thing you can think of is a night off from bath-giving.

I am planning on cooking him a requested meal, so I better go and do that, because I have to get done in time to give baths, you know. I just wanted to wish my sweetums the most fabulous birthday ever, because he deserves it. Okay, that makes me want to yack.

Chris, we love you. You're great. Really, you are, and I'm glad you're having another birthday, because if you weren't, I'd be missing you. Aren't you glad you married such a romantic gal?


  1. Happy Birthday Chris!!!!

    I love that your birthday present to each other is a night off from baths. What is it about giving baths to kids that drives me bonkers. I love how they smell and feel when they are all clean and in their little footie pjs. Its just getting them there that drives me crazy.


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