Hard to See

This blogging stuff is kinda tough. First of all, you have to have an interesting thought. Then, you have to find time to sit at a computer and write it down. Okay, that's only two steps, but neither one is very easy while being a mommy to three kids.

So, here's my interesting thought. (It's the best I could do, so please don't tell me if it's not actually interesting.) I thought I'd do a recurring post subject like some other bloggers seem to do. They usually coordinate with a day of the week, but I haven't yet come up with a catchy title which includes a certain day of the week. And then I would be tied down to posting on this subject every time that day of the week rolled around, and that sounds stressful. So, I'll just do it randomly, whenever I feel like it and have no other new ideas.
Back to the actual idea. A couple of years ago, a wonderful, godly woman in my life shared with a group of ladies about an incident with her young daughter. Her daughter was coloring and as she would pick up a crayon, she would name the color. But when she came to yellow, rather than saying "yellow", she would say, "And this one's hard to see." All the other colors were bright and beautiful, but the yellow just didn't show up so well. (Okay, I'm butchering the story, but I hope you get the idea.) So, then my friend shared how many of life's blessings are bright and beautiful, such as colorful sunsets, laughing children, a cozy house. But then there are those blessings that are hard to see, like laundry, bills, late nights with crying babies. In my life lately, there have been days when I am searching to see the blessings. And always, if I just take the time to look, they are there. The trick is taking the time, making the effort. So, periodically, I thought I'd just document some of those hard to see blessings in my life as a reminder that I am, indeed, blessed. Maybe you could share some of yours, too. (By "you", I mean Kerrie, since I think you're my only reader.)

Time to count my (hard to see) blessings...

Blessing #1: The nights when Chris has seminary classes and I am left to tackle homework, dinner, clean-up, and baths alone. It's a blessing because it means I have a husband who loves the Lord and is seeking to know Him more, and because it means I have three great kids to take care of and food to fix for dinner.

Blessing #2: Getting a filling in my tooth today. (This one's really hard to see.) Okay, I'm blessed to have teeth and access to a dentist and dental insurance. Still didn't like this one too much.

Blessing #3: Maddie's homework. I'm blessed to have a smart, studious daughter who has the ability to learn and think. I just hope she survives to adulthood seeing as I want to ring her neck during homework time every night.

Blessing #4: Eating homemade banana pudding tonight. I know this one's not hard to see at all, but yummy!!

Excuse my lameness, but I definitely need to be reminded of the things I take for granted and the fact that most of my problems aren't really problems at all. Thanks, Lord, for the hard to see blessings and for giving me the eyes to see them.


  1. OK, you totally have more than one reader!! I love how you are finding blessing in the mundane, ordinary and difficult. Thanks for the reminder. There's plenty of ordinary, mudane and difficult blessing around here too.

  2. My blessing: 3 Healthly active girls. We constantly have to remind ourselves of this one when C & O are talking NONSTOP in the car, dinner table, bedtime, etc... I just have to think about all the families that have sick kids or babies that can't talk, walk, etc...

    And I totally agree on the banana pudding-it was wonderful!

  3. Hmmm...Blessing in potty training-it will happen! :)

  4. What a great idea!!! Let me think...carrying this baby boy past my due date...I am SOOO blessed to be able to have another baby and so blessed that he has stayed in there until he's fully developed. :) I am also blessed to have a few more minutes, hours, or days alone with my 5 year old.


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