Booty Baby (Not to be Confused with Baby Booties)

I'm not sure, but I don't think it's normal to carry your baby (when you're pregnant, I mean) in your booty. I'm pretty sure no males read this (except Chris and maybe Tom), but if you do, please just skip this post. Seriously, though, I think Sam is sitting a little lower than most babies do when inside their mommies. I've carried two of my others so low that I thought they might just fall out, but this is different.

For instance, the other night, Chris and I were sitting and watching a quirky but kind of cute chick flick, and I just couldn't concentrate. You see, someone on that couch had the hiccups, and it wasn't me or Chris. It was the person who is lodged in my backside. I don't know if you've ever tried, but it's a little difficult to concentrate on watching a movie, no matter how interesting, when you can feel someone hiccuping in your rear end. That's a phrase I never thought I would type in my lifetime. My life may have hit a new low point when I'm having to contemplate the weirdness factor of having a baby in my bottom. I wonder if this situation is occurring because my body has had as many babies growing in it as it can possibly stand. Perhaps my organs are in such weird places now and gravity has taken over in such a way that this has happened. All I'm saying is that it's a new experience for me, and not one I'm sure I'm entirely comfortable with.
Sam will probably not ever want to hear about what parts of my anatomy he was dealing with in utero, and I'm also pretty sure Luke will not want to hear how much he enjoyed my ob visits during this pregnancy. Last week, he was really enjoying playing with the stirrups as we waited for the doctor to enter the room. I tried explaining to him that one day he would most likely be horrified to know he even touched them, much less played happily with them, but he didn't seem to care in the least. It's one of those moments I'll wait until just the right time to bring up once he's all grown up. It could make for a great laugh if a party is ever having a slow moment.

I might as well throw in a Jack moment while I'm at it. While most of my life can be described as one long "Jack moment," I had a particularly hard time containing my laughter today, which actually made the situation worse. Jack was doing a great job reading this afternoon, when he got a little off base with one word. He can be a little impatient and just blurt out sounds that may or may not have to do with the actual letters on the page, hoping he might get it right and skip all of the long, boring, drawn out process of sounding out the word. So, when he was attempting "she" today, he just added a little "t" on the end. What was so funny was that he said it with such volume and passion which, combined with the surprise factor, made me smile just slightly. It was just a natural reaction, people. Well, when he saw that he'd done something amusing, he just continued to repeat it with increasing volume and passion. Of course, Maddie and Luke were in the room and, by some instinct, immediately stopped moving or making any sound and just stared at and listened to Jack with peaked interest. As soon as I could wipe the smile off my face and form words, I yelled, "Stop! Stop!" as loudly as I could just to overpower his volume. Now I will spend all of my time in public with Luke on pins and needles just waiting for him to reach into the recesses of his brain, pull out this word, and shout it at the top of his lungs in Walmart or the bank or, heaven forbid, church.

Okay, I can't leave Maddie out. She's not quite as full of funny moments as the boys, but she did have a cute one last night. We had been to the Lovelady Center to help my aunt and others do Kids Church. Now, many of you may have served in a Children's Church setting at your local church, but this is a little wilder and...well, WILDER...than any other Children's Church I've ever been a part of. These kids haven't had an ideal home life where they've been taught how to behave, so some of them are quite rambunctious, to put it nicely. I love that we get to take our kids there so that they can see #1) how blessed they are and #2) how they can serve others who may not have had such an easy life. Maddie, being extremely quiet and well-behaved (Not bragging. She just came out that way.), sticks out like a sore thumb as this place. But she doesn't mind going and doesn't complain at all about the situation. Last night was an especially high-energy evening and we got home rather late. I fixed her a very rushed dinner of pancakes and set it in front of her, but she just laid her head down on the table and stated, rather dramatically, that "Lovelady just wears me out." Poor, sweet girl.


  1. Cute quotes from your kiddos. I think I might start using her line, "that....just wears me out"

    One day you will laugh at the hiccups in your bottom. You won't for awhile, but one day :)

  2. Oh, and the pic of Luke with his diaper on is adorable!

  3. speaking of cursing children, my sam got his foot stuck the other day at church and in the process of trying to say "foot" and "stuck", the two words just kinda got all run together. you take it from there...

  4. This post made me smile! I could only hope to look 1/2 as wonderful as you do when I am preggo! So, if that means that I have to carry my baby in my rump, then so be it! :)


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