Post-Stress Post

I just have to update quickly and say that God was faithful to make a beautiful evening out of what seemed to be nothing but a mess. I guess He wanted Plan D all along, but knew the only way to get me there was the winding path He took me on. We got to share a fun evening with a great family and some children who may not have earthly parents, but who have a Father in heaven who loves them even more than a human father could. God just continues to teach me day by day that He has a plan for every situation if I will just be obedient in taking the small steps He shows me. I'm so thankful that He is faithful and true, even when I freak out, and that He's blessed me with a husband who is supportive, helpful, and thoughtful.

Tonight was another crazy night which didn't go exactly as planned, but God showed up in the missing purses and flat tires of our evening. He's also really working on my critical spirit. Maybe I'll end up being an optimist after all...that would definitely be a miracle of God! I'm trying to be optimistic about my root canal Tuesday morning. I really don't want to be taught anymore profound least not ones that involve my teeth, unless it involves healing my teeth without root canals. Just a suggestion, God. I appreciate any and all prayers you'd like to throw up on my behalf. :)


  1. A ROOT CANAL??!! Bless! I'll definitely pray for a toothy miracle.


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