Asking for Wisdom

My brain is in pain. I used to think I was a fairly intelligent person, but that has changed. Between the sucking of my brain cells by my children and going deeper into God's Word, I feel pretty stupid right now. Not the kind of stupid where you just have a momentary lapse in judgment or you just "don't think" and do something really....well, stupid. I mean the kind of stupid where you just cannot understand or process things. How can God's Word be simple enough for a child yet so complicated that you can spend your life studying it and never scratch the surface? I do take some comfort from the fact there are people, Biblical scholars, who do just that. It's part of our humanness, I suppose. We just cannot begin to comprehend or understand who God truly is or the ways in which He works. However, in James 1:5, He does promise that He will give wisdom to those who ask without doubting. So, I'm asking.

What prompted this new epiphany of stupidity is the reading of John Piper's Desiring God. If you haven't read it, don't. It'll just make you feel stupid. Just kidding. Well, about the not reading it part but not about the fact that it will make you feel stupid. (But if you read it and DON'T feel stupid, please don't tell me, because then I will just feel more stupid.) I meet with several other girls (when will I begin referring to myself and my friends as women and not girls?) once a week as part of an accountability group. We started the group over two years ago, but we just recently began reading books together. Our first one was Francis Chan's Crazy Love, which I heartily recommend, with the warning that it will challenge your socks off. Seriously, it has been life-changing for me. And from that book, we were left with a desire to desire God more. We want to want Him, but we don't always want Him more than we want other things. Thus, Desiring God. The problem is that John Piper is just way too smart and has me speechless whenever I get finished reading the chapter. That poses a problem seeing as we gather once a week to discuss the book. A speechless discussion isn't really very much fun.

But, from these two books, God really has a lot of thoughts and questions swirling around in my head. I want to post about them so all three people who read this can suffer with me, but I can't even make enough sense of it to do that. However, as the title of this post points out, I am asking for wisdom concerning this swirling vortex of questions. So, once He answers and gives me a little peek into what He's trying to show me, I'll be sure to share with all three of you. I'm just posting now so that my brain can focus on something...and because I'm at home on Sunday morning missing being with the church. (I can't say "at church" because Chris will point out that church is not a place, it is a group of people.) I will admit, that, at first, I was mostly miffed at missing church because I wouldn't get to hang out and be a part of our new Sunday School class, but as the morning has worn on, I am missing being in the presence of God through corporate worship and the study of His Word. So maybe this book is working. Maybe I am Desiring God...


  1. I have been reading the book and I am impressed that you've made it through a chapter. It took me a week to get through the introduction. I am at the beginning of chapter one and I keep having to read it again and again to understand what he's saying. He really makes you think.

  2. I have been praying James 1:5 for the past few months in regards to AMMS. He has provided it in ways big and small and through that of others. The times when I said something or sensed His wisdom was a very personal reminder that He loves me and is ALWAYS true to His word. Just have to take the time to be attentive and listen in faith that you will hear the wisdom.

    Praise God!!


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