For the Least of These

This is when I wish I had more than a handful of people that read my blog. (But I love my handful and am amazed that ANYONE would read it at all.) The reason I wish for more readers is simply so I can get the word out about this ministry and others like it.

I read the post above, and she just said so passionately what I have felt God impressing on my heart for the past few years. And after reading Crazy Love, I have no more excuses. For years, Chris and I have wrestled with the question, "Do we live too comfortably while so many suffer spiritually and physically? When Jesus Christ had no place to lay His head?" Other American Christians would tell us, "No. God has blessed you and you should enjoy His blessings. Just tithe and give a little to some charity every once in a while, and you're good." Well, maybe they wouldn't verbalize the last part, but isn't that what all of us say by living our comfortable American lifestyle while children starve to death never having heard the Good News of Jesus Christ? When I see things like the story of this young lady, I am disgusted with myself and wonder how put-out God must be with all of us.

Where did we get the idea that all of our blessings from God were for us to enjoy while throwing a few measly crumbs at the poor and starving of the world? Why do we always think it's someone else's responsibility? Why do we complain that our houses aren't big enough or our salaries aren't large enough or we can't go on as many vacations as we want? I've been wrestling with the decision to take my kids to Disney World or use that huge chunk of money for something eternally valuable. My flesh (and people around me) tell me it's okay to do it and enjoy it as long as I don't worship Mickey and I'm being obedient to God, but I don't feel a peace about it. How can I spend thousands of dollars (even if it's a gift) on one week of earthly pleasure for my family when that could feed or medicate a dying child for years? But I'm so weak. I WANT to go to Disney World. And so do my kids. But what do I want more...the indulgent enjoyment of earthly pleasure for a moment or eternal rewards for me and my children?

I must say, however, that I am my weakest when I am around others (meaning everyone in my life) who go to Disney World or experience any earthly pleasure that I feel I shouldn't. I want to judge them, when I can only do what God leads me to do and let them make their own decisions. I am told that maybe it's not wrong for all of them to go, just me, because God is convicting me. But I wonder... And know that I use Disney World because it is the one earthly pleasure that I really desire and could have if I pooled my resources. But there are countless others that could be put in its place. And our time and talents can be substituted for our money. We have so much, and give so little.

So the question always remains for me and shall we serve God with ALL of ourselves? Our money, our talents and abilities, our time? Can we sit here and give "more than others" and serve at church "more than others" and talk about Jesus "more than others" and call that enough? Or are we called to more? Are all of us called to more and we just ignore the tugging at our hearts and sit in our comfortable homes and eat our regular meals and say our prayers every night and think "that's enough"? Or is there more???

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Romans 12:1


  1. I have been in turmoil all day since reading this blog. I saw it on your facebook and read it while the kids were napping. The turmoil is good, its God at work in me, reminding me of what I already know but push aside in my own comfort. Thank you for posting it and reminding me to look beyond my own bubble, and the things that I lose myself in and to glimpse a greater picture and to feel challenged to find my greater role.

  2. Yes and Yes Amy! Don't worry, we haven't and don't plan to go to Disney World either. :) We have better places to go...missions trips! Let's lose our lives for the sake of gaining his together!

  3. Thanks for making me feel like a complete ass for going to Disney World (which is SOOOOO much fun, by the way). I didn't even know you HAD a blog until today. How did I not know this?


  4. This is sooo good, Amy! Sooo convicting also. Edward and I don't go to Disney World either. We haven't had that extra $, but we also want to use our resources to do something eternal. I can't wait until the day when we can give more!!!


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