Jack Attack

Let me first ask: Is there anything more precious than rocking your baby to sleep? I think not. (You'll find out momentarily why I was rocking my baby to sleep.)

Jack, Jack, Jack. How do I begin to describe my middle child? Well, talkative, to say the least. He talks so fast in that little nasally voice of his that he often gets tangled on the oh so important words he simply must speak. He is passionate, often letting his emotions get the better of him, but with such great potential to be passionate about Christ. He knows what he wants. Take that how you will. He is persistent, although I like to think of it as being perseverance wrapped up in a sometimes exasperating shell. Jack is unique, opinionated, and the "life" of our family. I've never met someone who can take me from the fieriness of anger to the throws of laughter so quickly. What would life be without Jack? Dull, to say the least. I see his potential impact on the Kingdom of God, and it is great.

He keeps me on my toes with his questions, comments, and observations about his world. And he keeps me laughing. Here are a few examples, although I don't know that I can do them justice in type.

1. Just moments ago, Luke, the baby brother whom Jack so lovingly shares his room with, was standing in his bed babbling and yelling instead of going to sleep. I repeatedly heard Jack yelling back at him, "Luke, stop saying that! Go to sleep." Of course, Luke took great delight in ignoring his sleepy brother and continuing to yell. Finally, Jack marched into the kitchen to find me and, with a scowl on his face, said, "Luke always says these baby things that I just can't understand and that makes me say, 'Luke, stop saying that!' but he doesn't." It's hard being the big brother, I guess. (Hence, rocking the baby to sleep.)

2. Yesterday morning, as Jack and Maddie headed off to their first day of school, Jack was very concerned with the fact that it was raining. Then we heard James Spann's (gotta love James) weather forecast on the radio, and he said, "Showers ending early." I said to Jack, "Oh, good, he said no more showers." Jack immediately replied in a distressed voice, "Oh, no! Now you and Daddy and Maddie can have anymore no showers...only bath-es." (I know that doesn't make much sense, but that's how he said it, and you know what he means.)

3. After we left the chaos that is Wednesday night church (fun chaos, though), we were driving down the road. Jack said, "Just face it, Luke. I could eat you up because you're so cute!"

There have been so many funny things Jack has said on a daily basis, I just hate myself for not keeping track of them. But I've been a little bit busy just keeping track of Jack himself. Hopefully, now I'll have an easier way to jot them down, so bear with me. I'm a mom.


  1. Your sweet Jack sounds a lot like my Josiah...he surely is the life of our family!


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