Dinner, Dessert, and Mating Cockroaches

(I must preface this post by saying that I've been found out! Imagine my shock when I was reading a friend's blog yesterday and just happened to notice a link to MY blog on HER blog! The secret's out! So now, people are insisting on having access to my ridiculous blog, even though I know they'll read it and think it's completely dull and boring. Oh, the risk of rejection!)

Let me begin (the real post, not including my above preface) by saying that I never thought I'd voluntarily include in my title the name of the most disgusting insect on earth. But it had to be done.

If you asked me what the perfect fun weekend would be, my description would have to include hanging out with close friends. Not just any old friend or acquaintance will do. It has to be the type of friends that you have a history with - funny stories, inside jokes. The people in your life that just "get" you. Those kinds of friends are hard to come by, especially couple friends that both the husband and wife love hanging out with. We have been so blessed during our marriage to have several close couple friends. So, this weekend would rank pretty high as far as fun weekends go because it has included a date with my husband (which happens about once a year these days) AND going out to dinner with some of our best friends.

I mean, with what other group of people could dinner and dessert conversation center mostly around our aches and pains, burning dead animal carcasses, men in Speedos, and a few rather crass things I won't mention...and still be tons of fun? Not to mention our main form of entertainment being a real life version of the Discovery channel's "Cockroaches in Love." The yummy pasta and fabulous cheesecake were just bonuses. We really should do this more than twice a year. (But next time our other BFF's must come along. No lack of babysitting can stand in their way.)

A little bit of a bummer for me was the fact that Chris and I will move on to a new Sunday School class tomorrow, apart from the aforementioned fun friends. But, it will be an exciting day, provided anyone shows up to the class. I really do pray that God will use this tiny, rather easy step of faith for His Kingdom, despite my selfish emotions that rear themselves from time to time. What a small sacrifice to make for the One who has given so much for and to me. But, making everyone pinky swear tonight that they'd still be our friends and we'd still go out together quite frequently probably wouldn't have been a bad idea now that I think of it.

It's getting rather late (if you consider midnight late), and I still have to send Kerrie the link to my blog, now that the word is out. So, I better jet... (Hee, hee.)


  1. We had a great time too (despite the mating roaches!). I am just testing this again to see if I can leave a comment.


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