No Olympics For You!

I feel like the most out of touch person on the planet. No, I didn't miss all the Chick-fil-A hoopla, but apparently our trusty outdoor antenna has decided it's not a fan of the Olympics. We're not big tv watchers anymore, so I kept forgetting about the most exciting international sporting event ever. When I finally remembered and sat down on the couch, excited to turn it on and see all the drama unfold, all I saw was "No Signal." Just dandy. How am I supposed to carry on a conversation with anyone at church on Sunday or update my facebook status with how elated I am at the latest U.S gold medal win? This is the kind of suffering you have to endure when you don't have cable.

In other exciting news, Chris got his wisdom teeth out today, along with about four teenagers. I don't know why, but I find sitting with him while he's waking up from anesthesia really awkard. The door was wide open, and I was a little worried what people walking by would think when they saw me giggling uncontrollably when I had not been sedated. He just stared at me with those half-asleep eyes and said I wasn't saying much, while he giggled constantly and commented over and over that it was so weird that those moments of his life were lost to him forever. I told him I didn't think there was any point in my saying much since he wouldn't remember anything I did say.

Then he suggested I give him the Gettysburg Address.

Unfortunately, my normally sharp mind couldn't recall it today. Normally, I'd be able to recite the whole thing, of course.

His one question for the doctor was, "So does she have to give the kids a bath tonight?" To which the doctor replied, "It'll be at least six months before you're fully recovered." Thankfully, Chris asked me two minutes later if the doctor had been in yet, so I'm thinking he's forgotten the six months remark. I might be generous and give him two days.

It's been a strange few weeks around here, with some unexpected ups and downs. I'll fill you in soon enough. I may wait for the Olympic hoopla to die down, because I wouldn't want my personal drama to be overshadowed by that in any way. The roller coaster may continue for a bit longer, but wherever it ends, the Lord knew the outcome from the foundation of the world. I just don't like being in the dark, but the light may be a little harsh at first when He decides to flip the switch. We shall see.

I can see the end of the summer just around the bend. When your husband's a teacher, you never look forward to the end of summer. Well, I suppose that depends on how much you like your husband. I happen to be rather fond of mine, and his youngest little guy has become quite fond of him as well. Sam isn't going to like giving up his Daddy Time. I'm not going to like Sam giving up his Daddy Time.

Having to wake up early and rush everyone out the door for those first few weeks of school feels like torture. Actually, I think it feels like torture every week, but starting back is particularly rough. The summer has flown by with all of our traveling, but it's been a fun one. Okay, today's not so fun for Chris, but other than that...

My kids are gone right now, so the house is eerily quiet. I think I'll try to get a lazy summer afternoon nap, which ensures that my phone is going to ring in about 7 1/2 minutes. I mean, I would watch the Olympics, but you know...


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