The Big Day

Wow, I so did not mean to be such a Debbie Downer yesterday. I promise I don't need to be on suicide watch or anything. I was just trying to reflect on our summer, but let me assure you it was mostly stupendous and just a little bit not so stupendous.

So I'm back only one day later with a much happier post. Okay, it is a little bittersweet for anyone who's a mama, but I shed nary a tear today. I do feel a little like crying right now because I just got off the phone with my mama who is not feeling at all bitter, but only sweet, as she drives down a road watching palm trees sway in Hawaii. I'd like to claim I want to cry because I'm so happy for my parents, but I'm mostly just depressed to be in my bedroom ironing khaki pants while talking to someone in Hawaii.

All my world-traveling dreams aside, today was a great day. It wasn't just great because I got some quieter time with my two littlest as my two biggest went to fill their little heads with knowledge and dreams, starting another year of school. It was great because my not-so-little girl, whom I sent off this morning with a very long face and some teary eyes (her face and eyes, not mine), got in my minivan this afternoon with a smile across that very same face.

Thank you, Lord! After a few weeks where my prayers didn't seem to be lined up with God's will, today He came through with a big one. Several of my friends and I were praying for this shy girl who was not looking forward to a new year with no friends in her class. I asked the Lord to give her a friend on the very first day, and lo and behold, He did! I am so very thankful that tonight she went to bed content and tomorrow will hopefully be tear-free. I expected this to be a long, hard year, but things are already looking way up. 

Like most moms I know, I was left with a quiet house this morning as I wondered how in the world I have a 2nd grader and a 5th grader! It's so hard to see them growing up so quickly, but such a blessing to see them doing exactly what God made them to do. 

At our house, the first day of school is a big day for Daddy, too. I'll never forget his first day as a teacher. He came home after 6pm and was asleep in the floor by 6:30. Thankfully, he's much more seasoned now, but it's still a big adjustment. He's great at what he does and, though there are hard days, he's making a difference.

(Please disregard the Luvs box below. Babies have to wear diapers and some mamas are too lazy to take the box down to the recycling pile and there's certainly no one else who's going to notice a giant box in the hallway and take it upon themselves to move it downstairs.)

And here is one of those moments I could just kick myself for not having my video camera out. My two little guys waited outside for the three school-bound peeps to drive off. Sam was so excited that he just waved at the neighbor until Daddy finally drove by. I thought he might be upset that two of his favorite people were leaving without him, but he didn't seem to mind one bit.

There they go! One more day in the record books.

Bye, Daddy! Bye, Nannie! Bye, Da! This boy is literally too big for his britches (mainly because his mama won't buy him pj's that fit.) Before I know it he'll be standing alone, waving to that monkey boy behind him. And then, one dreaded day, only Mama will be left to wave and yell goodbyes.

And then she'll go the store by herself and get her workout in and read her Bible and clean the whole house and listen to whatever music she wants until 3:00.  Okay, that doesn't sound so bad.


  1. Love the pictures of the boys waving... Much better than I did :)

  2. So sweet. I'm so glad Maddie has a friend in her class.

  3. Oh Amy, they are so cute! I love the pictures of the boys on the porch waving.

  4. Love reading your posts almost as much as I love your little fam! Glad you all had a great day. Praying for you.


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