I'm sorry, but my brilliance is not for sale.

This is going to be quick. There is a game of Qwirkle calling my name. It's our new obsession. Chris is obsessed with trying to beat me and I'm obsessed with trying to stay undefeated. The excitement never ends in this house.

Good news: Chris has enough pairs of cleaned, ironed pants to make it through another week, and then he won't need any for 2 1/2 weeks! Cons to being a teacher - making peanuts and, now, not being able to receive anything but peanuts as a gift from a student (thank you, oh great, wise, and honest legislators). Pros to being a teacher - getting a check direct deposited into your bank account after two weeks of hanging out with your family.

Two new Advent things (because you people are clearly hanging on my every Advent word):

1. We pray for the people we receive Christmas cards from each day. This is getting easier because people seem to be moving away from the whole spending lots of money to have the postman deliver a picture of your family to people who live a mile away and see you every other day. If you want the effective prayers of the Bond family, you better get that card in the mail.

2. I got this whole idea (with the help of some awesome friends) to have our Elves on the Shelves show up with Jesus-themed messages and Bible verses in their hands. Evidently someone makes just such an elf with the cards for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. However, we don't have those, so this admittedly uncreative mom is having to do some creative thinking. It pains me. It really does. (But it beats pretending the elves are real and allowing them to destroy your house every night just so you can clean up after two more people. Have you parents lost your minds?)

So far, these are the two little rhymes I came up with:

Day 1:

Lots of kids have their very own elf,
And many times they find them sitting on a shelf.
But I’m a somewhat different kind.
I’m the kind of elf who likes to remind.

Lots of elves like to play and make messes,
But I like to talk of those whom God blesses.
Playing and silliness are wonderful things,
But so is celebrating the birth of a King.

Today I am thinking of special type of creature,
One who is usually part of the main feature.
They are special helpers from above,
Many times carrying messages of love.

They spend their spare time singing God’s praises,
And they utter some very particular phrases.
Glory to God, they sing from on high.
Down upon people they often will spy.

Who am I talking about?
Read God’s Word and find out!

Luke 1:11-20, 26-38
Matthew 1:18-24
Luke 2:8-14
1 Peter 1:10-12
Psalm 103:20

How do the angels serve God? What is their part in His plan?

Day 2:

Today I have exciting news
About the mom of the King of the Jews.

She wasn’t too important, or so it seemed
But a great privilege on her God deemed.

God decided to use this poor, young girl
To bring hope to everyone in the world.

Those pretty, rich, or smart the world always seeks,
But God smiles on those with hearts humble and meek.

Who am I talking about?
Read God’s Word and find out!

Luke 1:26-56

How did Mary respond when God called her to something very special?

I can't believe how vulnerable I am with you gals. I am now publishing my poetry, that could have been written by a kindergartner, for the world (or .000000000000000000001% of the world) to see. Evidently I have no dignity left. I think that happens after you give birth four times. Approximately 437 people have seen everything about you there is to see, so what's a little bad poetry?

Now I shall go beat my husband at Qwirkle to prove that I do still have the tiniest bit of brain power left.


  1. That's a great idea! And the poetry is great!

  2. I am totally impressed by your poetry skills! Again, keep all these ideas for your future book writing. And you will be praying for the McNeals soon, b/c I am still one of those who sends a card to people a mile away, only because I am sure you want to look at my girls EVERYday! Ha!

  3. I haven't played Qwirkle before. Maybe I need to get it and try to beat Mark. He beats me at every game we play. Everyone one. And you are right, after the birth thing, there is no dignity left and you can start to share your craziness on the Internet. That's what I do.


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