Just Call Me "Sunshine"

So, I took the weekendoff from blogging because 1)there is such a thing as too much of a good thing and 2)I was so busy gathering new inspiration for today's post. Here's what I came up with:

1. I don't care for puke, whether it's mine or someone else's.

2. I do care for sleep. Sadly, the puke was abundant and the sleep - not so much.

3. It doesn't take long to plunge off of a spiritual mountain top. It's amazing how quickly I can go from tight with God to grumpy and nothing anyone can do about it.

4. I am basically a sixth grader. I don't like hearing about parties I'm not invited to when it seems everyone else is there. Boo hoo.

5. Thanks to all the puking, my shindig I was supposed to host tomorrow night has been relocated. Instead of being completely disappointed, I will be thankful that I don't have to get my house cleaned from top to bottom today.

6. This sounds like a post a third grader would write. I'm demoting myself from sixth grade to third. No offense to all you third graders out there.

7. This too shall pass. Hallelujah!!

8. Jesus loves me anyway. Again, Hallelujah!

I hope your weekend has been vomit-free and that your house is full of Christmas joy. We are planning on returning to that state soon and hopefully I will be back and pretending to think like a 30-something-year-old again.

A belated #9. The basketball games were very entertaining. I'm happy to report that Jack dribbled the ball from one side of the court to the other...twice. And I'm pretty sure he deserves an assist for the ONE goal his team scored in that game. Hopefully I will make it to Academy to buy Maddie some shorts that actually fit so that I can concentrate on her game this week instead of how inappropriately short her shorts are. By the way, she got a foul! If you know Maddie, that's amazing. She also ate the floor three times because she was being so aggressive. Now if we can only teach her how to shoot.

Really. I'm done now. Bye.

Wait. One more thing. Here's a good Scripture passage that I needed today. I'll share it in case any of you need it too.

56 For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. 57 But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. 58 So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless. I Corinthians 15


  1. Ahaha! You are so funny, even on your "bad" days. Was I supposed to clean my house from top to bottom tonight? I just wiped the tables down and called it good.

  2. I like how real you are. We all need those moments so other people can relate-YO! It was years before I realized that I was not the only person that payed my kid's to let me take a snooze (in our more financially abundant days). All thanks to someone, like you, keepin' it real!

  3. You know what? The more I comment, the easier those little "secret words" you decode before posting, are getting.

  4. Can't wait to see you tonight! There is going to be a partay up in AGG tonight....and you're invited!

  5. #4 is my favorite- Im not a fan of not being invited to parties either. I wanna be at EVERY party ALL THE TIME. Hate you had a stinky weekend but the good news is it's off your chest now and this weekend there will be a new party place in town- St. Vincent's Hospital, COME ON... EVERYBODY is going to be there. I will be the one on morphine but it's all good, I will give you a hit if you still need one. All seriousness, Honesty is always good and you always do that w/ your blog no matter if it's spiritual or personal or whatever and people appreciate that in you and feel like they can relate when you are open and honest and say you HATE puke and not going w/o sleep due to puking. Very proud of Maddie, I was called "bows" in high school b/c I ALWAYS got fouled out for throwing "bows." I could never play church league, you have to be christian like in that league.

  6. Hang in there dear friend! Just think Wednesday night is our last night of Cubbies for 2 weeks(imagine me jumping up and down from excitement) Now I have a black eye(you laughed, didn't you?)
    Bring your social calendar Wednesday and we will plan a Qwirkle night, over Christmas break!

  7. Please don't leave us hanging again, I am getting used to your everyday blogging. :-)And I have you saved on my phone so I can check in everyday while we are on our trip.
    Lots of good points, but I am especially right there with you on #4!
    Hopefully all the puking is gone now!

  8. Hey, we all have bad days...throw up usually makes them worse. Throw up has made mine worse for the last several weeks, and by the way, I have decided I am a horrible pregnant person. I have had the talk with God and told him I am sorry for being a bad pregnant person.

    You are real, real people have bad days, and that's what is good about this blog :) Now I feel better about having my head in the toilet this morning.

  9. I hope the throw up bug goes away quickly! That is never fun. It was going around my classroom last week, but luckily I haven't caught it...yet! I'm looking forward to the sunday school party on Sunday! :)


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