It's Game Time

Just thought I'd give you a heads up that there's something funny coming down the pipes. Our very own superstar Jack Bond is playing basketball. At the first meeting yesterday, we found out that our first game is in two months after we get in lots of practice time Saturday. Jack is amazingly smart and can remember a chapter of Scripture like an elephant, but he's not exactly known far and wide for his toughness. The funny thing is, if you know any of the other people on his team, I think he may fit right in.

I just wanted to put the warning out there that whatever little church team we're playing this Saturday might want to prepare mentally for what they're going to see as they come out on the court. It is going to be intimidation at its peak.

The good news is that Jack got in approximately four minutes of practice with Papa last night, in his driveway, in the dark. Everything was going fine for the first three and a half minutes, but then the ball did that old bounce off the rim and smack you in the face thing that I always dreaded as a kid (and may still). The cries could be heard for miles around. Funnily enough, Jack and Papa had two different versions of the story. Let's just say one of them caught a shark and one caught a minnow. (Fish stories...get it?)

And trust me when I say I'm laughing with Jack (or maybe crying with him) because just as he got his amazing mental faculties from his mom (ha!), he got his tendency to stay as far away from flying balls as possible from me as well. I still vividly remember basketball relays in middle school. I would sit with a knot in my stomach, praying that they would skip my number and I would get away without having to race someone to the middle of the court and toss a ball backward over my head, hoping to get a goal. I was actually hoping the ball wouldn't go near the goal so that it wouldn't come back and whop me in the back of the head. Seriously, is that even necessary? Are basketball players ever required to blindly toss a ball backward in an attempt to score? I think generally they use the look-before-you-shoot method.

Maddie may or may not be playing as well. Her team is sorely lacking in committed players, so we'll just have to see how it all plays out. Fortunately for her, she's a little more like her daddy in the whole athletic ability department. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some of us can think deep thoughts. Others of us can put balls through hoops. You decide who the truly talented ones are here. :)


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