Sam's Top Ten Christmas Pastimes

In case your family Christmas gathering is getting boring and you're looking for some good ideas of what you could do for fun, Sam wanted me to give you some suggestions.

1. As soon as you arrive, find an abandoned yet very full glass of tea, scoop the tea out of the glass, and smear it all over the table. He's heard that tea baths are great for restoring stained wood.

2. Since your shirt is likely to be covered in tea, go ahead and get your first wardrobe change over with. That way none of your very stylish outfits will go unseen or unappreciated.

3. Taste all of your brother's new building blocks. That way you'll protect him from possible poisoning and possibly discover a tasty snack at the same time.

4. See how many glass Christmas ornaments you can touch before someone says something to you.

5. See how quickly you can climb on any and all available elevated surfaces before you fall and bust your head.

6. See how many times you can pet (or lightly hit) all puppies at the gathering before one of them bites you.

7. Remove all vent covers to see what treasures you might find.

8. Pretend you're a bird and the toilet is a birdbath.

9. Run around naked while someone does your laundry since you likely underestimated the number of wardrobes changes that would be required on this trip.

10. Go bowling with your family, but forget about throwing a heavy ball and instead see how many people you can get to chase you before they pass out.

Hope you're having a very non-boring Christmas so far!


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