Breaking News...and Breaking Stubborn Wills

At our house, we've been debating the pros and cons of new computer versus old computer and desktop versus laptop. This morning, I've discovered a pro to a laptop. If I wasn't chained to this desktop computer, I could be reporting to you live from the scene of the The Great Muffin Standoff of 2012. As it is, I'll have to take brief breaks from the drama and head in here to give you updates.

This standoff brings back vivid memories of The Great Cereal Standoff of 2009. It's no wonder I'm having flashbacks...same location, same time of day, same problem...a boy child who thinks his breakfast is better off on the floor than in his mouth. Unfortunately for Sam, I'm an experienced mess enforcement officer and he's just a budding toddler. I have secret weapons, like the ability to blog about the whole saga to let off steam, where he is forced to sit in muffin crumbs until he crumbles. Ha!

I reminded Luke of his own standoff which too place approximately three years ago. I was sure it was too long ago for him to remember, but ever since I brought it up, he has disappeared from the scene and is playing quietly in his room. I suppose the memories were too painful after all.

Here are some raw photos, unedited. This is first rate reporting. And, yes, I suppose I could be called a cruel mother for documenting my child's torturous task of cleaning up or for dramatizing the whole event for him, glamorizing his disobedience, but I am seeing this as an opportunity to document reality in order to encourage other mothers of toddlers and to remind myself of the challenges of this stage of life when I'm crying like a baby at my baby's high school graduation. It wasn't all hugs, kisses, and playdates in the sun.

We are now to the ugly cry, snotty stage. He has elected to eat a few of the bigger chunks, but is still stubbornly standing with his hand hovering over some of the remaining mess, refusing to move it 18 inches to the garbage can.

As much as I want to pretend that I am so much more mature than little Sam, this whole episode reminds me that all of us, like sheep, have gone astray. We all still have that stubborn toddler inside of us who is just bent toward disobedience. Doing it God's way would be simpler and have a better outcome, but we'd rather sit in our mess, screaming and snotty, having it our way. Just because.

So, for the next few hours, if you're looking for me, I'll be sitting in the kitchen floor with my child, trying to gently love him into obedience, all the while thanking God for how he gently loves me, his little wayward sheep, back onto the narrow path. That, or I'll be laying beside Sam, swimming in my own tears and frustration.

Good times. Merry Christmas.


  1. Oh Amy, I remember doing this with Tyler. He was about the same age and ours was crushed crackers on the floor. It was ugly. It ended with my forcefully holding his hands, prying open his fingers, and making him grip the crackers to put them in the garbage can. And then I would have to pry open his fingers so he would drop them in the can. Rinse and repeat-with him screaming and me crying the whole time.


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