Time for Thanks - Day 3 (Whoops! I mean, 4)

Well, I think the time change got me. Or maybe it was that heart attack in football form that was the Alabama-LSU game last night. It left my head spinning! Somehow, I missed a day of thanks. So today, I'll just be thankful for two things.

Today, and everyday, I'm thankful for Laminin. Either you know exactly what I'm talking about or you're wondering why I'm so thankful for fake, less than beautiful flooring. I'll explain.

I've always loved Colossians 1:17, which says, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together." I just had this image in my mind of Jesus with is hands around the universe, keeping it all intact from the outside. But now I see it a little differently. Take a look...

I'm thankful that, though there are plenty of days when I think I'm about to fall apart, Jesus holds me together. It's also really great that my body isn't falling apart bit by bit, though I'm at that age when it's starting to feel like it at times. I know...just wait.

Isn't it amazing how into details God is? Nothing is by accident. He didn't just get lazy on that fifth or sixth day and randomly start throwing things into the mix. He is an intentional Creator who had a plan in mind before he even got started. And, to think, you and I were part of that plan, and he's holding us together this very minute. Amazing.

Hmm...another thing to be thankful for. I'm going to have to go with the Bama victory. I know I'd still have lots and lots to be thankful for even if a football game didn't turn out the way I liked, but I'm still enjoying the win. Imagine...if a football game causes me to jump on the couch for joy, what's heaven gonna be like?


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