Time for Thanks - I Guess

For the past decade, we've had a crib in our house.

And I had planned on it staying here a little while longer.

But then Sam kept doing this...

I suppose it's remarkable that he's the first of my four children to do it.

And I suppose I'm thankful he hasn't gotten hurt the 148 times he's done it in the last two weeks.

There is a part of me that has dreaded this day for a long time...the day the crib came down.

But there is a part of me that is okay with it.

Sam definitely seems okay with it.

And why wouldn't he be? Because now all he has to do is this...

...and this...

...in order to do this.

Oh, dear.


  1. Okay-that is remarkable that he is the only one that did that. The only one of mine that didn't do that was James! And its just because he had three other children who would get him out if he so much as whimpered.


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