Time for Thanks - Day 8

Many things you feel thankful for, like cupcakes or coffee or central heat and air or a roof. And then there are things you have to remind yourself that you are thankful for, like laundry or crumbs on the floor or doctor visits or rain.

Right now, I'm reminding myself, with an aim to motivate, that I'm thankful for a body that is able to exercise, that stinkin' Jillian Michaels lady who likes to turture people, and my little 3-pound weights. I've sat at this computer, reading facebook and blogs for as long as my conscience would allow in order to procrastinate, and now I'm posting this to remind myself to be thankful and to get up and go in there and get this over with!

And in about thirty minutes, I will be sore and out of breath and exhausted...but I'll be thankful that I went ahead and did it.


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