Time for Thanks - Day 7

Somehow, I'm already feeling like this thankful series is getting a little uninteresting. And it's day 7. But I don't like starting things and not finishing them, so we will press on.

Today I am thankful for a typical thing we give thanks for - friends. Not just any friends, but friends who sharpen me and challenge me and put up with me and help me grow. Friends who love God and his Word, who will stay up til midnight talking with me about it week in and week out or who will give up an hour or more of their morning to read through Scripture with me.

I'm thankful for friends I see almost every day and friends I see only rarely, but who immediately settle right back into my life when we're together.

I'm thankful for the friend I just happen to be married to, for friends from the past who helped me through different phases of my life and helped to make me who I am, and for the friends the Lord has yet to bring me.

I'm thankful for friends who, just as a bonus, also happen to be family.

I'm really thankful for friends who can make me laugh that kind of laughter that makes your stomach hurt and your eyes water.

But there is a special place in my heart for friends who bring me cupcakes. Because, let's face it, good friends are hard to come by, and friends who will drive out of their way to buy you a gourmet cupcake and then sneak it to you at church are a blessing from the Lord. I believe that's found in Proverbs. Look it up.


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