Decisions, Decisions (aka Thankful Post #2)

It's just so hard to narrow down all the things I have to be thankful for to one thing, but I'm going to have to go with something (or someone) who has really made a difference in my life the last two days...and the last 34 1/2 years. (I don't know if you realized it, but I just had my half birthday. Surprisingly, I didn't receive any phone calls or cards, but I'm just going to chalk it up to people being super busy with the holidays coming up and all.) So who is this fabulous person? My mom! (Awww...)

How can you sum up all the things regarding your mother that you are grateful for? Impossible! Even though I'm a full fledged grown-up now, I don't know what I'd do without her. She is so generous in every way possible toward me and my very loud, energetic, life-sucking family. (I mean that in the nicest way.) She is such a faithful presence in our lives.

Just this week, she has saved our family as we sat at the brink of starvation. Our cupboards were bare, unless you count three boxes of Life cereal, two boxes of Cheez-Its, and a slew of juice boxes. I planned on going to the grocery store Monday, but my sweet Sam woke up with a fever. His face was pitiful and all he wanted to do was lay on me and snuggle. Well, you're crazy if you think I'd drag that poor boy to H-E-double hockey sticks Walmart in that condition. So I ate a peanut butter tortilla for dinner, sent my family away for dinner, and called in reinforcements (Nana) so that I could make it to the store the next day. My children were so thankful for a real meal the next night that they ate homemade vegetable beef soup without complaining! (And I hate to make you completely jealous of the fact that she's my mom and not yours, but I think she left me some Nutella in my pantry.)

When it comes down to it, Chris and I have been blessed with some amazing parents. I mean, how many people can say that all four of their parents are wonderful, giving, loving, kind, wise people? Plenty of folks could say all their parents are nuts and really should be spending some time in the looney bin, but there probably aren't too many people in our blessed shoes. No wonder our children adore their grandparents. Who wouldn't?

I would love it if one day in the quickly approaching future, my kids would have the same opinion of me as I have of my mom. Hard-working, faithful, giving, loving. (Fat chance.) We don't often say it out loud, but our parents are amazing. I am definitely THANKFUL for all of them!


  1. Mark and I are one of the few that have the two sets of amazing parents and it will be hard to live up to one day.

    My mom is pretty awesome in her own right, but you need to tell Deb to talk to Nedra about the Nutella! :)


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