Eleven: This Ain't Heaven

Today, I am thankful that this particular day is drawing to a close. I'm not one to wish away my life or my time with my children, but today was one long Calgon, Take Me Away moment. It's days like these that make root canals look appealing. About 1:15 today, I would have given anything to sit in a reclining chair staring at a tv surrounded only by people who want to be really nice to you (nevermind that that's only because they know they're torturing you and they're about to charge you $900 for it).

The attitudes in this house today would make the Wicked Witch of the West look like Pollyanna. We tried calm reminders, then firm talks, then outright meanness. I even tried throwing cheese and yelling, but none of it worked. (I would not personally recommend that tactic, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Or maybe it's horrid attitudes lead others to horrid attitudes. Don't ask me which horrid attitude came first.) So, at the end of the day, we tried bedtime, and that worked like a charm.

I'm hoping that tomorrow is simply filled to overflowing with thankfulness all around and that I'm completely perplexed about what to highlight in my blog because there are simply too many things to pick from. However, I'm thinking that lowering my expectations a bit might be in order. So, I'll just hope that all of the cheese stays safely in the refrigerator rather than taking flight. And if that does indeed happen, I will be thankful for it.


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