My Girl

I'm thankful for my sweet, one-of-a-kind daughter. She's just amazing and, as you can see above, can do amazing hair. She's gotten into this new thing of brushing and playing with my hair all the time, and I love it!! I could sit there and let her brush it for hours. I've let her stay up much too late just because I was enjoying it too much to send her to bed. This picture above was probably the fourth time she's ever french braided my hair and I'm a little sad to say it probably took me 147 times to get this good. Now, she has done some really funky stuff and begged me to go out in public with it that way, but I just couldn't do it. My vanity obviously outweighs my devotion to my first-born. But I'll let her play and style to her heart's content in our living room.

Another new, and much more important, thing in her life is her hunger for God's Word. She's drinking it in, begging me to read it with her and, when I can't, just doing it on her own. I may be able to deny her requests to do my hair for public display, but I can't really deny her time together in the Word. I have to thank a friend from church for starting our own little Keepers at Home group. I know basically nothing about it except we meet once a month with our daughters, have a devotion and spiritual challenge (to read through the Bible, keep a prayer journal and memorize Scripture, etc.) and then teach them something "homemakerish." So far we've baked cookies and learned gift-wrapping techniques. And by we, I mean another mom prepared something fabulous, the girls giggled and participated in the activity, and I talked to whoever happened to be standing closest to me. Maddie is thrilled with the whole thing, and I'm thrilled that she's thrilled. I'm also thrilled to have friends (new and old) who want to spend time teaching their daughters the things that really matter, like how to pray effectively and how to make killer curly-ribbon bows.

I'm also thankful that I can give a decent-enough haircut to my husband and boys that they WILL go in public when I fix their hair. This has been a weekend of mediocre (at best) haircuts, but I still have one to go. It's what we do for fun after the kids go to bed. We're old.


  1. Kudos on the haircuts...I do all of the boys, too. My word of advice...if you screw up Chris hair, don't wait until he sees it in the mirror to fess up. My experience is that it will go over better if you tell him before he sees it. It wasn't THAT bad... :)

  2. Now that is a skill I wish I had-cutting boys hair. As of right now there is NO WAY Mark would let me cut his hair.

    I have heard about the keepers at home and I'm glad you are getting to do it with her. She will always remember it.

  3. Wow, I can't believe you have your very own Molly Makeover artist living under your roof! Lucky girl - and VERY nice braid!!


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