It is my intent to do a post everyday this month (though some may be super short) and share something I'm thankful for. Obviously, I have already failed as it's the 2nd and I didn't post anything yesterday. Can you say LOSER? But I'm going to make up for it and do two today.

God sent a little trial my way this week (little compared to the troubles of most of mankind, but a little larger as viewed through my completely selfish and spoiled lens), and I utterly failed in my first reaction. I did not count it all joy, I counted it all crappy crapness. But, He brought me around. Obviously, I need a little more practice at being thankful in all circumstances, so what better time to practice than in the month of Thanksgiving??

As for my first entry of thankfulness, I'm going with something I need lots of practice being thankful for...

I am thankful for God's answered prayers. Just last week, I made my prayer, "Lord, show us how to live on little so that we can give more toward Your Kingdom." Praise God, He is ever decreasing our income so that we can see how little we need but how faithful He is to provide.

In fact, we were able to outfit these little cuties for the Fall Festival without spending a penny!

In case it's not obvious, what we have depicted here is T Rex who just can't stay still, Woody and Laura Ingalls (or Little Bo Peep if you want to stick with the Toy Story theme) who know it's a lost cause, and Bullseye (and his rider) who have been excellently trained to stand still with a smile plastered on your face until some unnamed little brother will cooperate for a decent photo. I love these kids. :)


  1. Yeah! A blog post everyday-so excited. And your runaway dinosaur is very cute indeed (of course so are the other kiddos)


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