Thanks for Nothing...or Everything

I am so sorry that I let all of you down by skipping my thankful post yesterday. I was just too busy being thankful to tell you about it. Or maybe it was that I was too busy devouring a book a friend gave me a few days ago. Either way, I know it probably left you unable to go forward with your holiday activities. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

Honestly, I'm finally running out of ideas for this whole thankful bit. I think today I'll go outside the box and be thankful for the hard stuff. It's time to step it up a notch and show a little gratitude for this cold I have, for the people in my life that rub me the wrong way, for the discouragement that's been stalking me lately, for the faults of my children and husband (though obviously there are very few), for the times when God doesn't give me all the answers I think I need, for the way we feel squeezed into our house some days, for the fact that we can't run out and fulfill all of our worldly desires. Today I will boast in my weaknesses and show gratitude for my trials, though they are small and few compared to most, because that's what brings me to a new level of intimacy with the One that I crave. I am thankful for the things He has withheld from me in order to give me more of Him.

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I'm thankful for all the "bad things" I have and all the "good things" I don't have because that's exactly the way the good Lord has designed it.

Happy Day of Giving Thanks!


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