Guest Post - Thankfulness

As the normal writer of this blog is sleeping beside me, I am taking the liberty of hijacking her daily "thankfulness" post...since she obviously hasn't (or isn't) going to write one today. The pressure is on, especially since her blog is read by an internationally diverse audience. I also hope she doesn't get mad at me for doing this.

If you have spent anytime getting to know my wife (or reading this blog) you will know what an amazing person she is. I don't just mean that she is a great cook, or a great homemaker, or always has everything in order...but it's so much deeper than this. Before I get in trouble, I need to clarify that she is all those things stated above and so much more.

When I look at my wife I am mostly thankful for her sanctified heart. Her worldview on life, people, possessions, and even Bunko is viewed from the lens of a devoted Christ follower. I love hearing her talk about every detail of her day as it measures up to and aligns itself to God's word. It is a joy to my heart and an inspiration to live with someone who genuinely loves God and wants to be more like Christ. In a world of pretenders, I am thankful to be married to woman who is real and genuine. I love that she isn't always bubbly and let's me know the real her. And it's this real her that I'm madly in love with.

I hope that you are thankful for your spouse. Marriage is such an awesome gift...especially if you are married to an amazing person (like my wife). Be thankful for who you have...and take a moment right now to let them know how thankful you are for them. I'm serious...right now.


  1. Awwww, how sweet! You did good!

  2. Chris! You just about made me cry!!! I agree with Mama Hen - you did good!


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