Who Needs a Puppy?

Maddie has always wanted a puppy, but my answer is always, "How about a brother instead?" So she puts her lips together in resignation and says, "Okay." Poor girl. I think a puppy would be a lot more fun for her, but we all have a lot in life, and hers is to have lots of stinky brothers.

Actually, though, I think she finally has the brother that meets many of her desires to have a puppy. Eeveryday when she gets home, he meets her wagging his tail, or at least with a grin on his face, in excitement. This latest addition is something else. Sam has us all wrapped around his little finger - even his daddy, and that's saying a lot. Everytime I see Chris enjoying Sam immensely, I'm taken back to the three day period after I told Chris there was another Bond on the way and he didn't talk to me about it for three days. Don't you love the blessings God gives us that we don't even realize we want?

Sam is a butterball if there ever was one. I think he misunderstood Thanksgiving. We're supposed to eat a Butterball, not become one. This boy is our only hope of having a football player in the family. He's a little garbage disposal whose purpose in life is evidently to help me as my metabolism slows down in my old age. I rarely get to eat all of my food because there's this little round puppy sitting at my feet begging for crumbs. Actually, he wants nothing to do with crumbs. He wants the plate all to himself! He is so sweet-natured and happy except when you're denying him food. Maybe he's planning to hibernate over the winter.

While he's good at cleaning up our plates and anything we might drop on the floor during a meal, he is equally good at destroying the rest of the house. Oh my heavens! He's a man on a mission. Once again, I think he's just trying to be helpful and get me to burn the few calories he lets me eat. I can't zip around the house and pick up things fast enough. I'm convinced Sam alone knows where the entrance to a black hole is. We're missing hairbrushes, coupon organizers, Christmas elves...you name it, we've lost it in the past few weeks.

This one is definitely a keeper. I think Maddie agrees. In a head to head competition, I think Sam would win out over a puppy any day.

I think I'll keep Luke, too. I just had to put these pictures of him on here because, well, I think it's self-explanatory.


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