Lucky Number Seven

I write the best blog posts when I'm driving in the car. All I need is a full-time secretary to follow me around and record them as it pops in my head. Or I suppose a tape recorder would do, but that seems a little weird and old fashioned.

There is so much to be thankful for today. Let me begin with the fact that my pile of laundry has been taken down to a size where I don't think it'd be able to take me in a head to head battle. Of course, it could always team up with the dust on my furniture and have a shot.

I'm also thankful for the amazingly beautiful day we had today. I found myself wondering, "Does God accept high fives, because I'd totally give him one for today. Good job, God!" And like any good mother would do, I carved a whole twenty minutes out of my day to take my poor, sun-deprived boys out into the backyard. I love fall and today was a fabulous example of why.

I (and probably my husband, if I had to guess) am thankful that my latest cooking experiment, which just happened to be dinner for tonight, turned out to be a step above edible. I've been wanting to make white chicken chili for sometime, but my desire to follow a recipe (much like my love for following well-communicated rules) would get the better of me. I had so many different recipes and was overwhelmed trying to choose the right one. I know I have a problem, people, but this dilemma kept me from cooking this meal all last fall and winter! So today I decided to live on the edge. I took all my cooking know-how, the ingredients I had in my pantry, and a sampling from the plethora of recipes I have and made my own concoction. A light shone from heaven, the angels sang, and a pretty decent meal was born. Hallelujah!

I'm going to have to throw in another thankful for Nana shout-out. She came and did her time as the juvenile detention warden homework helper/babysitter/playmate/cake baker while Chris and I went for a conference with Jack's teacher...which leads to my next point of gratitude.

I'm thankful that my kids do well in school and behave. It's so great to get encouraging reports about your kids where the teacher just can't think of anything negative to say. It kinda makes you feel like you're doing something right, though you know it's just the grace of God showered on two parents who need a lot of help. You also know that, with four kids, it's gotta end somewhere. Oh, dear.

It's late and I'm not going to be thankful that I stayed up too late for the 10, 234th night in a row when I have to arise and make Chris's lunch tomorrow. However, I do have to say that probably what I'm most thankful for about today is the fact that I didn't cry over spilled milk! Nana had not even made it to the driveway when Luke spilled an entire cup of liquid gold milk all over the floor and wall during an already patience-trying dinner. Jack was in the middle of an hour-long complaint about the raw hand life had dealt him, Chris was enjoying some precious peace and quiet (nevermind that it was because he was at the dentist), and I just wanted to eat my dinner, but the Lord saw fit to bless me with an unusual dose of patience and eternal perspective. Again, Hallelujah! Maddie just said, "Poor Mama" and Luke said, "I'll help you clean it up" and Jack (after a great discussion straight from God's Word) perked up, choked down his dinner (it wasn't a corndog, thus not on his favorites list) and played well with his brother and sister until bedtime. Miracles do still happen, people.


  1. My best blog posts are in the car too! They hardly ever make it out of the car and to my computer though. It gets lost in the brain somewhere in-between!


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